Volcom Hybrid Shorts Review

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This is my review of the Volcom Hybrid board short, the Surf N’ Turf board short to be exact. Hybrid board shorts are versatile in that they can be worn in the water like a traditional board short as well as casual settings.

Board shorts have grown tremendously in popularity over the last decade. Over that time the market has expanded to include many variations of the board short look.

Wearing the Men's Volcom Surf and Turf Hybrid Shorts on a rooftop in Valletta, Malta

Hybrid board shorts have filled the gap in the market for people that want a  board short that works well in and out of the water. The Volcom Hybrid Surf and Turf board shorts are a great example of a board short you can wear in many situations.

Let’s take a look at these hybrid shorts and see if their style and features fit your lifestyle.

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Volcom Hybrid Board Shorts

Volcom was founded in Orange County, California in 1991 by passionate surfers Richard Woolcot and Tucker Hall. Their goal was to make surf clothing that they would want to wear as hardcore surfers.

Since then they’ve grown to be one of the largest surfwear companies in the world. Among their offerings is a line of hybrid board shorts.

The Surf N’ Turf hybrid shorts dry fast and are a great option as a pair of travel shorts that you can take to the beach as well as a sit-down restaurant.

Who are the Volcom Hybrid Board Shorts For?

Let’s be clear, these shorts aren’t for a great option for surfing although I’m sure they would withstand a few sets. No, these shorts are for people that like the look of casual shorts but want the ability to go in the water too.

I wouldn’t wear them to a wedding (maybe a tropical wedding), but they do have a nice casual look that works well when it’s hot outside.

Volcom’s Surf and Turf hybrid board shorts will allow you to play in the water and then transition to hanging out with friends at the beach or a bar.

Walking throught the streets of Valletta in the Volcom Hybrid Board Shorts

Features of these Board Shorts

Here are the important features of the Volcom Surf and Turf  Hybrid Board Shorts. I’ve worn these on vacation in a hot, humid climate and they worked great.

I’ve worn them to upscale restaurants as well as to the beach. They worked great in both settings.

I have washed them numerous times and they have maintained their color, which is nice.

  • 4-Way Stretch Fabric

The fabric is soft and stretchy and should work for any water activities you partake in.

  • Button, Zipper Fly Closure

The button and zipper closure in front will make sure these shorts stay on. There are also belt loops in case you need them.

  • 4 Pockets

These shorts have 2 side front pockets and two back pockets. All of the pockets are mesh-lined for swimming purposes.

There is only one secure pocket. The back left pocket is secured by a button.

  • 21-Inch Outseam

These shorts fall to just above the knee and are a perfect length. Not too long and not too short.

  • Quick Drying

These shorts dry fast. The fabric is 88% Polyester, 7% Elastane, and 5% Cotton that is extremely soft and breathable.

  • Bungee Loop in Back Pocket

The bungee loop will hold your keys securely when you’re in the water.

Volcom Men's Hybrid 21

Pros and Cons


  • I love the fabric. It is soft and stretchable and dries quickly.
  • Versatile style
  • Eight different color options


  • Not a fan of the belt loops.
  • Only one of the pockets is a secure pocket and it’s a button closure.


Although the Volcom hybrid board shorts are a great pair of shorts, I like the O’Neill hybrid board shorts because of the secure zipper pockets. The material of the O’Neill shorts is soft like the Volcom pair and looks great in and out of the water.

These are quick-drying as well. I’ve found that they usually will dry in about 5 minutes on a typically hot summer day.

Final Thoughts

The Volcom Surf N’ Turf hybrid board shorts are a great pair of board shorts to take on vacation. When you’re traveling it’s nice when you can pack versatile clothes.

Hybrid board shorts are great in that they are essentially two pairs of shorts in one. Although a more casual look than traditional board shorts, you can wear them in the water with no problems.

My only criticisms of these shorts are the belt loops and the lack of secure pockets. The belt loops do give off the “Dad-ish” vibe when you’re not wearing a shirt.

But the fact that you can transition from beach to bar or restaurant later without changing make these a fantastic option on vacation.

I rate these shorts a good buy and a nice pair of shorts that will serve you well on many different occasions.

For more information on hybrid board shorts, check out my best hybrid board shorts review. Thanks for reading.