VBRANDED Men’s Patriotic Board Shorts Review

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VBRANDED Men’s Patriotic Board Shorts: QUICK OVERVIEW





Board shorts are easily one of the most versatile bottoms you can choose for the summer. They easily transition from the water to land, and the VBRANDED Men’s Patriotic Board Shorts is surely designed for both. With a bold American flag print, it is ideal for 4th of July parties or running errands on a summer afternoon.

VBRANDED Men’s Patriotic Board Shorts Review

When you wear these board shorts for the first time, you’ll realize how comfortable and useful they will be. Instead of trying to find a pair of regular shorts that can be worn in the water, these are primarily designed for water activities. In addition, they help to keep you cool and sweat-free during the warmer months.

Another interesting thing that the VBRANDED Men’s Patriotic Board Shorts bring to the table is the ability to have swimwear that you can trust. It’s far too often that guys find themselves dealing with swim shorts that fall off or fit poorly. The design of these bottoms outperforms other pairs because they’re easy to adjust and create a custom fit.

Who Are These Board Shorts Meant For?

Anyone can put the VBRANDED Men’s Patriotic Board Shorts to good use. Although it is primarily designed for men, it’s quite comfortable for women to wear as well. Teens and young adults will also appreciate having it on hand if they’re looking for a modern and comfortable pair of board shorts.

There are multiple designs for you to choose from, though each of them revolves around the American flag and patriotism. Our favorite pair is surely the black-and-white flag, as it is the most modern and created with exceptional attention to detail. You’ll also love wearing these shorts because they look and feel similar to the higher-end brands on the market.

What’s Included?

Luckily, everything that you need is included with your order. All that you will receive is the shorts, and there aren’t any other accessories you’ll need to wear them or use them to their fullest potential.

Overview of Features

The VBRANDED Men’s Patriotic Board Shorts offers the following:

  • Drawstring closure: As mentioned, these board shorts give you the ability to create a more custom fit with the help of the drawstring closure. Compared to other board shorts that have plain Velcro or a zipper, you’ll stay comfortable around the waist all day long. It also makes it easier to choose a size online, as you can easily tighten the shorts if they arrive too large.
  • Machine washable: Some board shorts aren’t recommended for machine washing; however, the VBRANDED Men’s Patriotic Board Shorts is recommended for washing machines. Nevertheless, you’ll want to make sure to wash them in cold water and never bleach them, or the print will be ruined. In addition, you can also dry them in the dryer and iron them, if necessary.
  • Comfortable material: The most notable feature of these board shorts is how comfortable they are. The materials used during manufacturing are soft against the skin and incredibly breathable. You’ll also find that they’re lightweight, even when wet.
  • Durable design: In all of the stress areas of the shorts, there is double stitching. This helps to prevent the seams from falling apart if you’re participating in beach or water sports. It’s about time you invested in a pair of board shorts that are designed to last through months of daily wear.
  • Wrinkle resistant: If you’re someone who likes wearing board shorts out and about, you’ll appreciate the fact that these shorts are wrinkle resistant. Although they can be ironed, there won’t be any need, as the material releases wrinkles instantly.
  • High-quality print: Compared to other board shorts with graphic designs on them, the VBRANDED Men’s Patriotic Board Shorts has a brilliant print that isn’t pixelated or grainy. The colors are loud and bold and the print looks incredibly professional.
  • Quick drying: One of the most important features that every pair of board shorts should have is the ability to dry quickly. As the material is incredibly lightweight, you’ll find that it will purge water quickly. This gives you the ability to easily go from the water to your car at the end of a beach day.
  • Flexible material: These board shorts are surprisingly flexible, though they are not too flexible to where they don’t maintain their shape. No matter if you are swimming, playing volleyball, or lounging in your pool, the shorts will move with you. They’re also exceptional for people who prefer to not be restricted while swimming.

How to Get the Most Out of It

The main idea behind getting the most out of any pair of shorts is to make sure you maintain it properly. Otherwise, you’ll experience fading, tearing, or general discomfort. With these board shorts, there’s very little maintenance to consider.

After each wear, it’s highly recommended you wash the shorts in cold water. This will help to remove any dirt and debris without compromising the integrity of the material. Once washed, you can put them in the dryer on low to medium heat.

Alternatively, there is the option of air drying the shorts, if you want to keep them in their pristine condition for as long as possible. As the material dries quickly, you won’t have to wait overnight for the shorts to be dry enough to wear.


A great alternative to the VBRANDED Men’s Patriotic Board Shorts is the Hurley Men’s Phantom Patriot Board Shorts. Though it is slightly more expensive, it is one of the most popular types of board shorts on the market. The main differences between the two pairs include:

  • EZ Fly Closure: Hurley shorts are known for their convenient features, such as the EZ fly closure. Instead of having a simple drawstring or Velcro, these board shorts come with a physical zipper to give you more support.
  • Longer length: Plenty of guys prefer longer swim shorts, and the Phantoms are designed to have a longer length for improved comfort.


Overall, the VBRANDED Men’s Patriotic Board Shorts is a great choice for budget-friendly board shorts that perform incredibly well. No matter if you need a comfortable pair of shorts to wear to the grocery store or if you need a pair of swimming trunks, these shorts are very versatile. With a brilliant patriotic print, you’ll have swimwear that is sure to impress.