Roxy Women’s Endless Summer Boardshorts Review

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Roxy is one of the most notable names in swimwear, winter wear, and casual clothing among sporty and alternative fashion fans. The Roxy Women’s Endless Summer Boardshorts are no exception, as they have all of the features you’d expect from a high-end pair of shorts.

Regardless if you need a comfortable pair of shorts for running errands or a functional pair of swimming shorts, these are a fantastic option.

Roxy Women’s Endless Summer Boardshorts

Roxy Women's Endless Summer Boardshort, True Black, Medium

These shorts are clearly designed to give women the functionality of boardshorts without being too hefty and obtrusive as men’s shorts. You’ll find that compared to traditional boardshorts, these are far simpler to wear for plenty of activities.

Even though they are designed for water activities, they have a style that adapts to going out with friends on the weekend or gardening in the backyard. With their shorter style, you can swim, surf, or even go for a run with unrestricted movement.

The Roxy Women’s Endless Summer Boardshorts is highly versatile, helping to take the hassle out of finding the perfect pair of shorts for everyday wear.

Roxy Women's Endless Summer Boardshort, True Black, Medium

Who Are These Boardshorts Meant For?

Anyone who is looking for a shorter pair of boardshorts will be able to benefit from the Roxy Women’s Endless Summer Boardshorts. You can tell they are specifically designed to offer comfort and reliability without restricting the movement of your hips and legs.

These shorts are the perfect option for active women who don’t want to sacrifice comfort for versatility. We also find that they are a great alternative to traditional bathing suit bottoms.

If you are someone who likes the idea of swim shorts compared to a bikini, these are a fantastic option. In addition, you can pair them with a casual T-shirt, rash guard, or one-piece bathing suit.

What’s Included?

There aren’t any special accessories that you’ll receive in your order. This is highly common for most other pairs of board shorts, as they typically ship without any extras.

The only other item that may be convenient to have would be a key loop so that you could keep your keys on your person and secure them while you’re swimming.

Overview of the Features

Roxy Women's Endless Summer Boardshort, Bright White Mi, Large
  • Material Blend

The Roxy Women’s Endless Summer Boardshorts is incredibly soft and comfortable against your skin, which helps to prevent upper-thigh chafing. In addition, the blend of 90% polyester and 10% elastane makes it incredibly flexible and breathable.

  • Pull-On Closure

Instead of having to deal with a zipper, Velcro, or a drawstring, all you have to do with these shorts is pull them on. This also helps to make them substantially more comfortable against your waist.

However, you will need to pay close attention to the sizing chart to ensure you order the right fit, as you cannot adjust the waistband.

  • Fold-Over Waistband

One of the more unique features of these shorts is that they have a fold-over waistband. The waistband will fold over so that your hips have more padding and flexibility than with other types of waistbands.

In addition, this helps to make the shorts sit perfectly on your hips without the worry of sliding.

  • Liner-Free

Compared to other shorts on the market that come with a liner, these don’t have one. Many people don’t like the feeling of a liner between their skin and their swim shorts, so this is a great advantage over other pairs.

  • Breathable and Lightweight

Two other advantages of having a polyester and elastane blend are that the shorts will be very breathable and lightweight, even in the hottest weather. The material is thin enough to allow optimal airflow without being transparent when dry or wet.

  • Quick Drying

In comparison to heavy-duty boardshorts made primarily from cotton, these shorts have a higher polyester content. This gives them the ability to dry substantially faster than other swimming shorts.

Roxy Women's Endless Summer Print Boardshort, Anthracite Swim Full Sept, S Buy on Amazon

How to Get the Most Out of Them

Using the Roxy Women’s Endless Summer Boardshorts is incredibly simple, especially as all you have to do is pull them on rather than deal with a zipper, Velcro, or drawstring closure. They’re the perfect option for a comfortable pair of shorts that you can wear daily.

When it comes time to wash your new shorts, it’s highly recommended that you hand wash them, as this helps to keep the material in its best condition possible. As an alternative, they can be machine washed at a cold temperature. You’ll also want to air dry them rather than put them in the dryer to prevent them from shrinking.

If you have no other choice but to dry the shorts in the dryer, you’ll want to use a low tumble-dry setting to prevent shrinkage and to maintain the integrity of the materials over time.


Hurley Women's Apparel Women's Supersuede Prined 2.5 Inch Board Swim Gym Short, Oil Grey, L Buy on Amazon

A great alternative to the Roxy Women’s Endless Summer Boardshorts is the Hurley Women’s Supersuede Boardshorts. The main features of the Hurley shorts that you might prefer are:

  • 100% Polyester

There isn’t a blend of any materials used to create these shorts. They are designed using 100% recycled polyester, which gives them a similar texture to traditional swimming trunks.

Moreover, they look like a high-quality pair of swim shorts rather than everyday casual shorts.

  • Elastic Waistband

If you find that you’re in the market for surfing shorts, you might prefer the idea of an elasticized waistband. Though you still pull these shorts on, similar to the Roxy shorts, they have a highly elastic waist for a former fit.

  • Machine Washable

You can easily wash the Hurley Women’s Supersuede Boardshorts in the washing machine and also dry them in the dryer without the worry of damaging the fabric. You also won’t have to worry about shrinkage when drying.


The Roxy Women’s Endless Summer Boardshorts is the perfect combination of everyday shorts and special boardshorts for beach and pool activities. Their versatile design is what will make them one of your most worn items in your closet, as they have a soft and comfortable material designed for plenty of purposes.

With a pull-on closure, you won’t have to worry about zippers, Velcro, or drawstrings. As long as you can find the perfect size, you’ll realize that they are ideal for lounging around the house, surfing, or even tanning by poolside. In addition, they have plenty of colors for you to choose from.