MaaMgic Men’s Swim Trunks Review

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If there’s one thing that MaaMgic men’s swim trunks are known for, it is their unique style. Call their style wacky, crazy, funny or whatever you want, they definitely leave an impression on you.

These are swim trunks with personality. So, if you like to show your fun side off to the world, these shorts definitely are for you. But besides being unique, what other features does the Maamgic men’s swim trunks have that make them a great pair of shorts?

I’m glad you asked. Today we are going to review the Maamgic men’s swim trunks and discuss all the features and details beyond their unique style that make them a nice pair of shorts to own.

MaaMgic Men’s Swim Trunks

MaaMgic is an up and coming beachwear brand known for its fun and colorful style of swim shorts and t-shirts. They specialize in above-the-knee swim trunks with inseams ranging between 5 to 7-inches. Another hallmark of the MaaMgic brand is the quick-drying, water-repellent fabric of their shorts.

The company sells its shorts and swimwear on its website as well as on Amazon. The MaaMgic brand has gained quite a following in a very short time due to its clothing with personality as well as the quality of its product. Its shorts have of the some of the highest-rated reviews in the swimwear space.

Who Are These Swim Trunks For?

MaaMgic men’s swim trunks are for anyone that likes to make a statement at the beach or the pool. If you like your shorts to be shorter than a board short than these are for you.

These shorts allow for a larger range of motion than board shorts as well which makes them ideal for beach activities like volleyball.

Overview of the Features

The Maamgic Men’s Swim Trunks offer a slim fit design as well as an elastic waistband. They also feature a drawstring closure. There are three pockets on the shorts. There are two side seam pockets as well as one in the back that has a velcro closure.

The swim trunks’ fabric is lightweight and features UPF 50+ sun protection. The fabric is also quick-drying which is great if you do a lot of in and out of the water movements.

These trunks also feature a mesh lining that is good to have on shorter length shorts.

As for the sizing of the shorts, here are how the different sizes generally run:

Small (Waist: 30-32″) Inseam: 7.25 inches

Medium (Waist: 31-33″) Inseam 7.25 inches

Large (Waist: 33-35″) Inseam 7.25 inches

X-Large (Waist: 35-37 “) Inseam 7.25 inches

XX-Large (Waist: 37-39”) Inseam 7.25 inches

The feature that is most talked about with these shorts is the quality. That is one thing that is mentioned by everyone who owns a pair. They are extremely well-made.

The other thing that stands out about these shorts is the different unique patterns and prints that we’ve already discussed. People really love the uniqueness of these shorts.

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Alternative to the MaaMgic Men’s Swim Trunks

If you are wondering if there is an alternative to the Maamgic Men’s Swim Trunks I would suggest you look at the Silkworld Men’s Swim Trunks. They are very comparable to the MaaMgic trunks and offer a lot of the same features.


If you are looking for a fun and functional pair of swim trunks for the beach or the pool I would definitely recommend the MaaMgic Men’s Swim Trunks. Other than their fun and funky designs, they are made from quality, quick-drying fabric and offer movement, as well as coverage, while enjoying outdoor activities.

I hope you enjoyed this review of the MaaMgic Men’s Swim Trunks, for more reviews and board short advice just click on the menu above. Thanks for reading.