Hurley Boys’ Board Shorts Review

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Hurley Boys’ Board Shorts: QUICK OVERVIEW





If you’ve looked into the perfect pair of men’s board shorts before, you’ve likely heard of Hurley. As a brand that always puts quality first, you can guarantee that you’ll be investing in a great pair of shorts that will withstand plenty of wear and tear.

The Hurley Boys’ Board Shorts is a pair of shorts that is ideal for activities both in and out of the water throughout the summer. You’ll find that you can wear them relatively anywhere, ranging from school to the beach.

Hurley Boys’ Board Shorts Review

The main premise behind these board shorts is to create a pair of shorts that boys can wear for multiple activities. They capture the modern and sleek design that you would expect from a high-end pair of board shorts.

The Hurley Boys’ Board Shorts has plenty of fantastic features that make it easily transitional from the water to land, including quick-drying fabric and a specially designed inseam. When worn, you’ll feel free and unrestricted with every movement, which is one of the main reasons as to why they are so popular.

Who Are These Board Shorts Meant For?

These shorts are designed for anyone to wear, depending on your size. Because they are primarily designed for boys, their sizing will be substantially smaller than adult sizes. However, they are perfect for boys and girls alike.

With multiple colors to choose from, you can select the right shorts for your style and aesthetic. As mentioned, there are special features added to the Hurley Boys’ Board Shorts. These features work together to make them an easy pair of shorts to wear regardless of the activity.

Wearers will love them for riding their bikes, playing soccer, lounging around the house, or even surfing. If you’re in the market for a highly versatile pair of shorts, these are a great option to have in your wardrobe.

What’s Included?

At times, Hurley shorts come with a couple of great accessories, such as a surfboard comb or a key ring. However, as these are shorts designed for boys, this pair doesn’t come with any additional accessories.

Overview of the Features

  • Multiple Colors and Styles

There are a wide variety of board shorts for boys that you can choose from. Hurley has an extensive collection of different styles, lengths, colors, and patterns. You’ll easily be able to find the perfect pair for your style and for your favorite summer activities.

  • Multiple Closure Options

Compared to other board short brands, Hurley has a few different closures to choose from depending on the style of shorts you choose. All of their board shorts feature a drawstring closure, which is ideal for creating a more customized fit. You will also be able to find zippered and Velcro closures as well.

  • Cargo Pockets

Instead of relying on two open pockets on either side of the shorts, the Hurley Boys’ Board Shorts comes with cargo pockets. These are specially designed deep pockets that close either with a Velcro flap or zipper. With this, you’ll easily be able to secure your valuables while swimming.

  • Flexible Material

The Hurley Boys’ Board Shorts is made from recycled materials that are highly flexible and soft against your skin. If you need a pair of shorts that will easily stretch, these are a great pair of shorts to consider. They also help to prevent chafing.

  • Specialized Inseam

One of the most notable features of the Hurley Boys’ Board Shorts is that they have a specialized inseam. This helps to ensure that you have not only optimal coverage when wearing the shorts but also unrestricted movement.

These shorts fall comfortably at the middle of the knee (depending on the style you choose), so your legs can move freely.

  • Lightweight Material

Even if you don’t intend on wearing your new board shorts in the water, you’ll appreciate how lightweight they are for everyday wear. Compared to traditional shorts, these shorts allow optimal airflow so that you won’t feel as hot in the middle of the summer.

  • Quick Drying

Above all else, the recycled materials used to create these shorts are optimal for their quick drying capabilities. It’s far too often that people have to wait upwards of an hour to dry off after swimming. Luckily, the Hurley Boys’ Board Shorts helps you to dry off in a matter of minutes.

How to Get the Most Out of Them

Getting the most of the Hurley Boys’ Board Shorts is easy, especially as it is designed with incredible versatility. All you have to do is find the right size, put it on, and then use the drawstring to create a custom fit.

The main thing to know when it comes to board shorts is how to wash and maintain them over the years. As Hurley shorts are relatively expensive, you’ll want to make sure you pay attention to the care instructions that came from the manufacturer.

These shorts should be washed in cold water and then air-dried. Alternatively, you can put them in a dryer on a low-heat tumble setting.


A more affordable alternative to the Hurley Boys’ Board Shorts is the Billabong Boys’ All Day OG Boardshorts. The best features of the Billabong shorts include:

  • Core Fit

The special core fit technology is designed to give the shorts a better fit around the waist and legs. This not only helps to create unrestricted movement but also gives the wearer the comfort and security they’d expect.

  • Micro Repel Fabric

Micro repel fabric is typically used in Billabong shorts because it is fast drying and soft against the skin. When worn out of the water, you’ll appreciate the water resistance of the fabric. It will also help to wick away moisture from sweating, keeping your body cooler for longer.

  • Drawstring-Only

There isn’t any Velcro or zippers on the shorts, which makes them ideal for your younger children. All they have to do is worry about tying the shorts for the best possible fit.


Overall, the Hurley Boys’ Board Shorts is a great pair of board shorts to have for everyday activities and special beach days. With a style that is quintessential to beach life, they’re appropriate for school, weekend errands, or swimming in the backyard.

What’s more, you’ll especially love the quality of the shorts, as they are clearly designed to last over years of regular wear.

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