Ekouaer Women’s Board Shorts

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For many, board shorts are a better alternative to typical bathing suit bottoms. They give you the ability to prevent chafing, keep you warmer in the water, and are simply far more comfortable. The Ekouaer Women’s Board Short are quite impressive as they still accentuate your features but are a better alternative to bikini bottoms.

Ekouaer Women's Board Shorts High Waist Swim Shorts Beach Surf Swimwear Shorts Black View on Amazon

Ekouaer Women’s Board Shorts Review

The main idea behind the Ekouaer Women’s Board Shorts is to give women an alternative to regular bathing suit bottoms. They apply to someone who enjoys surfing or if they prefer to wear women’s long board shorts instead of regular shorts during the summer. There are plenty of issues that they resolve such as chafing, discomfort, and convenience.The Ekouaer Women’s Board Shorts are designed in a way that helps them to look fantastic with any type of outfit. You can easily pair them with a regular t-shirt or with a bathing suit top. They also work perfectly with a one-piece swimsuit if you want a little bit of added protection.

Ekouaer Women's Board Shorts High Waist Swim Shorts Beach Surf Swimwear Shorts Black

Who are These Board Shorts Meant For?

The Ekouaer Women’s Board Shorts are designed for women, however, they can also be a great option for men who are looking for form-fitting board shorts. Compared to baggier styles, these will have a fitted look that works with all of your curves. You’ll also appreciate how comfortable they are once you put them on for the first time.

Anyone who is in the market for a pair of board shorts that gives them the support and flexibility needed for more active watersports will love this design. They are structured perfectly to where you still have mobility but protect more areas of your legs while on the water.

What’s Included?

When you order the Ekouaer Women’s Board Shorts, there aren’t any extra accessories or components that you’ll receive. Everything that you need is designed within the shorts. However, it would be convenient if they shipped with a mesh bag to store the shorts after wearing them.

Overview of Features

Polyester and Spandex

The materials used to make the shorts is a combination of spandex and polyester. This helps to add to their stretch and it makes them more comfortable against your skin. If you intend on wearing them for multiple activities, you’ll love the flexibility the spandex gives you.

UPF 50+

The rays from the sun get harsher every year and as such, you have to protect your body from ultraviolet rays more than ever before. With the use of polyester, the shorts are UPF 50+ in addition to the sunscreen you’ll likely be wearing.


Polyester is an incredibly breathable material, which is another factor that makes these board shorts comfortable. Even while sweating profusely, you’ll notice the shorts are breathable to wear the sweat won’t stay on your skin.

Three Styles

There are three different styles of the Ekouaer Women’s Board Shorts to choose from. The first style features a waist with patchwork; the second has a high waist for curvier women; and the third is mid-waist style.

Added Drawstring

If you need to tighten or loosen your shorts, you’ll appreciate the added drawstring that makes them far easier to customize to your body type.

Quick Drying

The thinness of the shorts is ideal for the type of wearer who is constantly in and out of the water. You’ll find that you won’t have to wait around for an exceptionally long time for the shorts to dry. This makes it easier for surfing, swimming, playing volleyball, or simply spending the day at the beach with your family.

Multipurpose Design

Ideal for women who are looking for a multipurpose pair of shorts, these are a fantastic pair to consider. The way that these board shorts are designed makes them comfortable to wear while swimming, hiking, running, biking, or even lounging around the house.

Soft-Touch Material

If you are prone to skin rashes and irritation from certain material, you’ll be glad to know that the Ekouaer Women’s Board Shorts are made using soft-touch material. The shorts will gently glide along your skin rather than grab onto dry patches and cause irritation. This is another feature that assists with preventing chafing.

Shape Forming

Another advantage of these shorts is that they help you to always look your best. With the help of the form-fitting legs and waist, they will help to form your body into the perfect shape. You’ll be able to feel far more comfortable in these board shorts than others.

Ekouaer Women's Board Shorts High Waist Swim Shorts Beach Surf Swimwear Shorts Black View on Amazon

How to Get the Most Out of Them

When you wear the Ekouaer Women’s Board Shorts for the first time, you’ll notice how durable they are. Getting the most out of them is quite simple and they’re built to last over months of daily wear.

Our favorite part of the shorts is how easy they are to maintain. You can choose to hand wash them at your discretion, but to make it easier it’s highly recommended that you machine wash them. To keep the shorts in good condition, you will want to use a cold wash cycle for delicates.

After washing, you can then put them in the dryer or hang them out to dry. The material won’t shrink in the dryer, so keeping them clean and ready to wear is simple.


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A better alternative to the Ekouaer Women’s Board Shorts is the Beautyin Women’s Boardshorts. Depending on your size, they could also be nearly half the price.

The extra features the Beautyin shorts offer include:

Streamlined Fit

Compared to a looser fit around the legs, these shorts are designed to be much tighter. They are not skin tight, but they are more streamlined.

Compression Fit

Another added benefit is that the legs of the Beautyin Women’s Boardshorts are compression fit. This helps to keep your muscles healthier and looser when exercising.

Built-in Briefs

For added protection against chafing, the built-in briefs give you an extra layer to prevent irritation.


The Ekouaer Women’s Board Shorts are well-designed and comfortable for long-term wear. With their seamless modern aesthetic, they’re great for watersports and everyday activities during the summer. If you’re in the market for a high-quality pair of boardshorts, these are a pair to consider.