Best Short Board Shorts to Up Your Surfing Game

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If you plan to go surfing with a short-board, it is imperative that you have the right gear. You need a board that is less than seven feet long, which allows you to get into more advanced waves. For that reason, you need the best short board shorts.

These shorts should fit well and fit like traditional swim trunks. They shouldn’t be too long because you need to have free movement of the legs while short-boarding.

Best Short Board Shorts: Brief Reviews

In this comparison article, we talk about three primary short-board shorts and their pros and cons. We aim to provide you with enough information about each product so that you can make a more informed buying decision.

1. SULANG Men’s Swim Trunks

SULANG Men’s Swim Trunks don’t have a mesh lining, and they’re suitable for all types of water activities, including surfing. They aren’t designed to stretch because they are made with 100% polyester.

They can be washed in the washing machine, though you should wash them in cold water and should not dry them in the dryer.


It features a drawstring closure, which is suitable for most men. The goal is to allow you to tighten and loosen it as needed throughout the day. Many times, you will need to tighten it more in the morning and loosen them in the afternoon after eating and playing all day.

This product comes in a variety of designs, all of which are a novelty. You can find palm trees, watermelons, aquatic scenes, flamingos, mathematical formulas, and pandas. However, you cannot find traditional one-color shorts.

With this product, you will need to pick a pattern. However, you’re sure to find quirky options that meet your preferences or style needs. This allows you to wear something that matches your personality.

The quick-dry material makes it easier for you to wear them all day long without fear of chafing. The bottoms use moisture-wicking technology, so they dry up to three times faster than regular cotton. The mesh-less lining also ensures that you don’t get a rash, regardless of how long you play at the beach.


  • Quick-dry, moisture-wicking material
  • Fun, quirky designs
  • A hybrid style for water/beach activity enjoyment
  • Pockets included
  • Perfect length for many activities
  • UPF 50+ to block UV rays


  • Sizing isn’t clear; small fit
  • Slim design could be more slimming
  • Thinner material than traditional board-shorts


2. MaaMgic Mens Short Swim Trunks

These trunks come in a variety of colors and designs. You’ll find black, grey, blue, and red, as well as birds/floral, flowers/leaves, forest, and ocean prints.

While they are designed to be used as short-board shorts, they can also be used as athletic shorts, sports and gym shorts, lounge shorts, and much more.


The MaaMgic Men’s Short Swim Trunks does include a mesh lining, and it comes in a slim-fit design. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends that you order a size larger than normal if you’d like a loose fit.

These shorts do not have any stretch or give to them. The inseam is four inches, so the shorts are designed to sit above the knee and move with your body.

While there is a mesh lining, the material of the trunks use a quick-dry fabric, so they will easily dry out and reduce your risk of discomfort or developing a rash. Along with such, it uses an elastic waist, though it does include a drawstring, so you can tighten the shorts if you desire.

These trunks come with three pockets, two of which are lined and one that includes Velcro with a drainage feature on the back. The back pocket also has a rubber band inside, which helps to keep it closed even if you forget to put the Velcro cover back down.


  • Quick-dry fabric
  • Water repellent
  • Removes moisture faster than cotton
  • Unique prints
  • Elastic waist and drawstring for comfort
  • Three pockets
  • UPF50 sun protection


  • Not heat resistant; don’t wear in warm waters
  • Edges tend to curl while swimming
  • Pockets aren’t waterproof
  • Drawstring should be on inside of shorts


3. 28 Palms Men’s Hybrid Board Short

The 28 Palms Men’s Hybrid Board Short has a fit slim and trim. You can find it in many color options, including black, black heather, blue heather, khaki leather, grey heather, light-blue heather, and others.


The 28 Palms Men’s Hybrid Board Short has a seven-inch inseam and utilizes lightweight fabric with quick-dry technology. You can use these shorts while traveling or go to the beach in them.

These shorts are machine washable and dryable, and they are made with 10% elastane and 90% polyester. They do have a bit of stretch to them, though not as much as you might think.

The closure for these shorts is a little different than the other ones reviewed. They feature a button closure and a zippered fly. The sizing is usually spot-on, and you should purchase a pair in the same size as you would wear for jeans and other “numbered” sizes.

These shorts also have off-seam side pockets, similar to traditional shorts and pants. You also get rear flap pockets with button closures, similar to that of many pants and shorts styles.


  • Suitable for shorter men
  • Falls just above the knee on short men, mid-thigh on taller men
  • Excellent fabric blend
  • Lightweight and easy care
  • No wrinkles
  • Drawstring included on the inside


  • Boxy cut in the crotch area
  • Dressy look
  • Odd colors
  • Appears textured but isn’t



Finding the best short board shorts takes a lot of effort. Depending on the price, you want to ensure that you choose the pair that fits best and looks good on you. Many men find that it is tough to do that, especially when ordering online. However, these three pairs of shorts work well for all heights and sizes.

From this list, we believe that the best option is the one from SULANG. It has everything we desired and nothing we didn’t. The quirky patterns made it hard for us to pick a favorite pair, but they are relatively inexpensive, so you could choose to buy multiple pairs, making sure that you have a pair for any mood.