Best Hybrid Boardshorts for Everyday Wear

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Finding the best hybrid boardshorts means you’ll have the perfect pair of shorts to wear on land and in the water. Compared to traditional boardshorts, the purpose of hybrids is to give you a style that easily transitions from the beach to running errands.

Best Hybrid Boardshorts
Comparison Chart

Alki’i Men’s Hybrid Boardshorts with mesh lining – Isla Palms Slate S

Mens Hybrid Golf Shorts Stretch Quick Dry Swim Trunks Boardshorts Black – 30

Evrimas Men’s Amphibian Hybrid Shorts Chino Golf Athletic Casual Quick Dry 21” Solid Walk Boardshort

Best Hybrid Boardshorts Reviews

The following three pairs of shorts are our favorites for the coming summer months.

1. Alki’i Men’s Hybrid Boardshorts

The Alki’i Men’s Hybrid Boardshorts is a great option for your upcoming vacation. With a bold and vibrant tropical print, you’ll be displaying the perfect tropical vibes for the coming months.

There are five different styles to choose from, each of which is fantastic for before and after the beach.


  • Full Mesh Lining

If you’ve worn inexpensive boardshorts before, you know how easy it is for them to become translucent when wet. Fortunately, this pair of shorts comes with a full mesh lining to give you added privacy when in and out of the water. The mesh also makes the shorts more breathable on the hottest days of the year.

  • Drawstring and Velcro Waistband

There are two main ways that you can create a custom fit for your shorts with the help of a Velcro closure and a drawstring. This is ideal for men or women who fall in between two sizes of shorts.

  • Five Pattern Options

As mentioned, there are five different patterns and prints that you can choose from, depending on your style. These colors include slate, green, blue, black, and red. The general palm tree print will differ based on the pattern you choose.

  • Secure Pocket

Another interesting feature of the Alki’i Men’s Hybrid Boardshorts is that it comes with a pocket that is easily secured on the left pant leg. The interior of the pocket is made from mesh, and the exterior is the same material as the boardshorts. It is easily secured with a Velcro strap.


  • check
    Velcro fly is easy to close
  • check
    Ideal for chlorine and salt water
  • check
    The drawstring is convenient to use
  • check
    Has a slim and fitted aesthetic
  • check
    Not transparent when wet
  • check
    The thin fabric is breathable
  • check
    Has interior elastic at the waist


  • Doesn’t have side pockets
  • May limit movement due to fit legs
  • Mesh lining may ride up

2. Visive Men’s Hybrid Boardshorts

Compared to the previous pair of boardshorts, this style is far more versatile for everyday wear as well as swimming.

At first glance, they look identical to any other pair of shorts. However, they have plenty of features designed for the water. Also, you’ll be able to choose from eight different colors.


  • Quick-Dry Fabric

The Visive Men’s Hybrid Boardshorts is made from quick-drying fabric that is specifically designed to make it easier to move from water to land. With this, you won’t have to spend an hour waiting to dry off after swimming.

  • Soft and Comfortable

With a blend of 72% polyester, 20% cotton, and 8% spandex, these shorts are just as comfortable as they are flexible. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll appreciate how the material gently glides against your legs.

  • Three Pockets

There are a total of three pockets on these shorts, which only adds to their versatility. There are two side-slit pockets on either side of the shorts, and there is also a zipper closure on the back to keep any of your valuables secure while swimming.

  • Stretchy Material

An added benefit of having spandex in the blend of fabric is that it helps to make the shorts more flexible. If you’re concerned about limited movement from your boardshorts, these are a great option. You can wear them for beach sports or even for a quick run to the grocery store.


  • check
    Does not become transparent when wet
  • check
    Incredibly light and breathable
  • check
    Material stretches with movement
  • check
    Falls comfortably above the knee
  • check
    Waistband is soft
  • check
    Dries in minutes


  • Doesn’t have mesh lining
  • Runs large
  • Tailored poorly without measurements

3. Evrimas Men’s Amphibian Hybrid Shorts

If you’re in the market for a pair of shorts that are designed to look more like everyday shorts than boardshorts, this is the style to consider. The Evrimas Men’s Amphibian Hybrid Shorts look identical to regular chino shorts. However, they are ideal for water activities as well.


  • Flexible

Similar to the previous pair of boardshorts, these also are crafted from a blend of 80% polyester and 20% spandex. This helps to make them incredibly flexible with every movement, even if you’re playing volleyball or heading out for a run.

  • Moisture-Wicking Fabric

If you don’t intend on wearing your new shorts in the water, you’ll love its moisture-wicking technology. As you sweat, the material draws moisture away from your body. This helps to regulate your body temperature and keep you cool and comfortable all day.

  • Waterproof

According to the manufacturer, these shorts are designed to be waterproof. We’ve found that this feature helps to make them dry much faster when you get out of the water. In this way, you won’t have to worry about taking time to dry off in the sun after swimming.

  • Four Pockets

There are four pockets in the shorts that you can use, all of which feature mesh lining. Also, you’ll appreciate how deep the pockets are, allowing you to keep your valuables secure.

  • Flat Front Design

Compared to other shorts, such as actual chino shorts, there isn’t a pleat down the center of the legs. They are very casual and have a flat front, which makes it easy to pair with most casual outfits.

  • Machine Washable

After enjoying your time at the pool or beach, you can easily throw these shorts in the washing machine. You can also hand wash them if desired.

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  • check
    Comfortable fabric
  • check
    Have belt loops
  • check
    The zipper is comfortable and easy to use
  • check
    Have a modern fit
  • check
    Feels high-quality
  • check
    Easily washable
  • check
    Very lightweight
  • check
    Feels like a dry-fit material


  • The seams may come apart
  • May have a fit that’s too tight


Our recommendation for the best hybrid boardshorts is the Evrimas Men’s Amphibian Hybrid Shorts. Compared to the other two pairs, these shorts are easier for water and everyday wear. With a style that is similar to a regular pair of shorts but with the functionality of boardshorts, they have everything you’d expect.

There are plenty of other great features of the shorts as well, such as multiple pockets, belt loops, and a modern fit that adapts to any body type. We also appreciate the fact that it has a zipper closure instead of a drawstring, so you have the security you’d expect.