Best Boardshorts for Surfing A Closer Look

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Surfing is an exhilarating activity and if you’ve never tried it before, it’s recommended that you do. Much like any other type of watersport, you need the right gear, including the best boardshorts for surfing. Below are three trendy, comfortable, and durable pairs of swim shorts to consider for your upcoming trip.

Best Boardshorts For Surfing
Comparison Chart

Uideazone Teen Boys Funny Swim Trunks Quick Dry Beachwear Sports Running Swim Board Shorts

Men’s Boardshorts – S – Red – Perfect Swimsuit, Swim Trunks, Board Shorts, Workout or Athletic Shorts for The Beach, Lifting, Running, Surfing, Pool, Gym. for Adults, Men’s Boys

Unitop Men’s Surfing Board Shorts Summer Holiday Plaid Pattern Quick Dry Yellow-39 30

Best Boardshorts
For Surfing Reviews

1. Uideazone Men’s Surfing Shorts

What you’ll like the most about the Uideazone Men’s Surfing Shorts is the array of unique designs that you can choose from. There are shorts that feature dinosaurs in outer space, hypnotic designs, and even pineapples. They’re ideal for the surfer who wants to stand out from the crowd.


Multiple Designs

There are over 26 different designs to choose from when you’re buying the shorts. This will help you to find the perfect pair to accentuate your personality.

100% Polyester

The boardshorts are made out of 100% polyester to help enhance their quick-drying capabilities. This also helps to make them more lightweight and breathable when you’re not in the water.

Drawstring Closure

To achieve the perfect fit, you’ll like the combination of the elastic waistband and drawstring closure. You can freely adjust the size of the shorts over months of wear.

Mesh Lining

As with most swimwear, you’ll notice there’s a mesh lining inside of the Uideazone Men’s Surfing Shorts. This helps to add to their breathability but also gives you extra support.

Two Side Pockets

There are two pockets on either side of the shorts so you can easily store any essentials that you’d normally bring with you to the beach.

UPF 50+

For people who are concerned about sun exposure, you’ll be glad to know that the shorts offer UPF 50+.


  • check
    Shorts aren’t see-through
  • check
    Mesh lining prevents the material from sticking
  • check
    Fit true to size
  • check
    Comfortable on all body types


  • The material is quite thin
  • Graphics are slightly blurry
  • Don’t have fitted legs

2. Fort Isle Men’s Boardshorts

In comparison to the previous pair of shorts, these offer a more high-class and luxurious appeal. If you’re someone who isn’t interested in unique and extrinsic graphics, these are the boardshorts for you to consider. With most of the traits that you’d find from higher-end brands, the Fort Isle Men’s Boardshorts are an affordable and comfortable solution.


Active Fit

The Fort Isle Men’s Boardshorts are designed for all types of activities ranging from beach volleyball to surfing. They are designed with four-way stretch fabric to give you the highest level of flexibility when walking, running, or swimming.

Breathable Fabric

In addition to the stretch of the material, these board shorts are also quite breathable. You’ll find they’re comfortable to wear on extremely hot days. Compared to other board shorts, the smooth hybrid flex fabric will feel soft against your skin and it prevents bunching.

Quick-Dry Material

Instead of being forced to lay out in the sun for extended periods, these shorts dry incredibly quickly. After swimming, you’ll appreciate that you can head to another dry activity without having to wait for them to dry.

Machine Washable

These shorts are designed to be highly durable and as such, you can easily throw them in the washing machine and the dryer at the end of the day.

Single Side and Rear Pockets

Perfect for your keys, cellphone, and any other valuables, the zippered side pocket is one of the most useful parts of the shorts. There is also a rear pocket added to the shorts for carrying larger items, like your wallet.

Storage Bag Included

As an extra accessory that you’ll find to be convenient, the Fort Isle Men’s Boardshorts comes with a storage bag made of mesh. You can keep all of your watersports accessories in one place. It can also be used as a gym bag.


  • check
    Fabric is comfortable
  • check
    Withstand salt water without fading
  • check
    Dries quickly


  • Doesn’t come with enough pockets
  • Some designs don’t have a side pocket
  • Feel very thin when wet

3. Unitop Men’s Boardshorts

The design of the Unitop Men’s Boardshorts looks great on men and women of all ages. They also have the traditional look of regular shorts but with a more elevated and modern aesthetic. Overall, they’re a great choice for someone looking for an everyday pair of swimming shorts or summer shorts.


100% Polyester

Similar to the Uideazone Men’s Surfing Shorts, these shorts are also made of 100% polyester. Compared to other materials used for surfing gear, these are very comfortable against the skin. They also hang well when worn.

Drawstring Closure

Apart from picking the right size based on the size chart, you will also have a drawstring closure to make the shorts tighter or looser. This is ideal for wearing these shorts in varying water conditions and is a feature of most of the best surfing boardshorts.

Mesh Lining

To help prevent the polyester from sticking to your skin and for added support, the mesh lining of the shorts is a convenient addition.

Two Velcro Pockets

There is a pocket on the side and back of the shorts with a Velcro closure. You can use this to carry important items that you’d typically bring with you on a day out.

UPF 50+

Polyester is a great material for blocking the sun and the Unitop Men’s Boardshorts offer UPF 50+.


Regardless of if the shorts are dry or wet, they’ll feel lightweight, which is perfect for having fluidity while in the water.


  • check
    The colors are very vibrant
  • check
    Feel incredibly soft
  • check
    Dry very quickly
  • check
    Launder well
  • check
    Look and feel great on all body types
  • check
    Fit perfectly when sized with the sizing chart


  • Don’t have an elastic waistband
  • Minimal room for adjustments

The Verdict

Our choice for the best boardshorts for surfing is the Unitop Men’s Boardshorts. They hold up the best in fresh and saltwater and are easy to launder after surfing. With two pockets for storage, breathable and lightweight fabric, as well as their quick-drying capabilities, they’re exactly what you need for your upcoming surfing excursion.

As an added benefit, they are also the least expensive shorts on this list. You’ll certainly be getting the most benefits for a comfortable price point.

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