Best Board Shorts for Tall Guys: The Options

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Men looking for the best board shorts for tall guys have their work cut out for them! Finding everyday clothes is tough enough when you’re tall, let alone swimwear. Luckily, there are a few great options that give you the length and comfort you need from a pair of board shorts.

Best Board Shorts For Tall Guys
Comparison Chart

Loveternal Guy Swim Trunks Quick Dry Hawaiian Board Shorts for Mens Big and Tall Shorts with Liner L

TUONROAD Mens 3D Printed Tropical Bathing Suits Turquoise Aqua White Letter Funny Patterned Swim Trunks Brazilian Swim Shorts Knee Length Beach Shorts with Mesh Lining Side Pocekts

Alki’i Men’s Boardshorts – Solid Colors Team USA, Small, Navy

Best Board Shorts
For Tall Guys Reviews

1. Loveternal Printed Board Shorts

There’s nothing better than having a unique pair of board shorts that you can wear around town or to the beach. If you’re the type of guy that is always looking for a way to stand out, these board shorts are a fantastic option. With a wide variety of innovative designs to choose from, you’ll easily look and feel like the most confident guy in the room.


  • Spandex and Polyester Material

The combination of spandex and polyester in board shorts is ideal for achieving the perfect level of stretch without compromising the fit of the shorts. You’ll also find that these two materials feel incredibly soft and comfortable against your skin.

  • Drawstring Closure

For an added level of security and to help you create a custom fit, the drawstring closure is essential. It’s also recommended for shorts that you would buy online, as you’ll be able to make them tighter, if necessary.

  • 3D Graphic Printing

The graphics on the shorts are surely one of their most notable features. The high-end 3D printing process creates the most luxurious imagery with bright and vibrant colors. You won’t have to worry about cracking, peeling, or fading in terms of the print.

  • Breathable

Apart from the shorts being very comfortable against the skin, they are also incredibly breathable. You can wear them on the hottest days of summer without feeling like you are sweating excessively.

  • Elasticized Waistband

Another feature we love about the Loveternal Printed Board Shorts is that it has an elasticized waistband. Even if you don’t feel like keeping the drawstring, the shorts will stretch or tighten on their own.

  • Built-in Pockets

With two side pockets, you’ll always have more than enough room to bring all of your valuables with you.

  • Machine Washable

At the end of the day, all you have to do is throw the shorts in your washing machine. There’s no need to hand wash them, which is an even larger benefit.


  • check
    Comfortable around the waist
  • check
    Lightweight and durable
  • check
    Bright images
  • check
    Comfortable when wet


  • Will require a sizing chart before ordering
  • No interior liner

2. TUONROAD 3D Printed Board Shorts

The TUONROAD 3D Printed Board Shorts is quite similar to the previous pair of board shorts, especially in terms of the number of print choices available. From the American flag to a tropical sunset, the options are endless. With plenty of great features to use to your advantage, it could be the next pick for your upcoming trip.


  • Polyester Material

Instead of wearing board shorts that come with a blend of several fabrics, these shorts are constructed using primarily polyester. This is not only what helps to make them comfortable, but what also makes them incredibly quick when drying. You won’t have to spend an hour trying to dry off your shorts after getting out of the pool.

  • Breathable

No matter if you’re wearing the board shorts in the ocean or if you want to stay dry on the beach, you won’t feel like you’re sweating. The incredibly lightweight material is ideal for the hottest days of the summer.

  • Mid-Thigh Length

The TUONROAD 3D Printed Board Shorts is surely designed for taller guys who still want a pair of board shorts that don’t come too high above the knees. It is designed to have a mid-thigh length, which is perfect for men of all heights.

  • Elastic Waistband and Adjustable Drawstring

Everyone’s body is designed differently, even if you happen to have the same weight as another person. With the help of the elastic waistband and adjustable drawstring, you can create a custom fit for your board shorts. You’ll no longer need to worry about your shorts falling off as you swim.

  • Side Pockets

To give you storage space for your most important valuables, there are two side pockets for you to use.

  • Mesh Lining

On the inside of the shorts, you’ll notice that there is a mesh lining. This helps them to dry faster and to also give you a little bit of extra support. The mesh is incredibly soft and comfortable.


  • check
  • check
    High-quality drawstring
  • check
    Funny designs


  • Poor printing
  • Thin material
  • Sizing is very difficult
  • Misaligned graphics

3. Alki’I Board Shorts

The Alki’I Board Shorts is designed for the type of guy that is looking for a more functional pair of board shorts. Compared to the other two pairs on this list, these shorts are ideal for everyday wear and give you the durability you’d expect from a high-end pair of shorts. With a versatile design and useful features, you’ll be sure to get a lot of use out of them.


  • Three Pockets

There are three pockets built into the shorts, so you will have more than enough room for your belongings. Their overall design is quite similar to cargo shorts, as there are two large pockets on the sides of the shorts and a smaller rear pocket.

  • Elastic Waist

The waistband of the Alki’I Board Shorts is made entirely of elastic, so you will have an incredibly flexible pair of shorts to wear. This also makes them easily adaptable to your body as you swim or walk around.

  • Netted Lining

On the inside of the shorts, there is netted lining to help give you some support and to maintain the breathability of the shorts. You’ll also notice that it adds an extra layer of privacy if you opt not to wear performance shorts underneath.


  • check
    Incredibly stylish
  • check
    Very comfortable
  • check
    Ideal for big and tall guys
  • check
    Fit as expected
  • check
    Velcro pockets


  • Uncomfortable inner liner
  • Not very flexible

The Verdict

If you’re searching for the best board shorts for tall guys that are also functional, we highly recommend the Alki’I Board Shorts. It has the most versatile design and manufactured with keen attention to detail. Its stylish appearance will surely make it one of your most worn items this summer.