Best Board Shorts for Mens Physique: Our Top Picks

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Picking the best board shorts for mens physique is more than finding a pair that looks great on the hanger. Every guy deserves to have a pair of shorts that they feel comfortable in and look fantastic while wearing. Here are three top-tier board short options for men who need a functional and fashionable piece of swimwear.

Best Board Shorts
For Mens Physique
Comparison Chart

Maui Rippers Men’s Camo Board Shorts – The Octopus | Quick Dry Triple Stitch Swim Trunks (44, Black/White)

Taddlee Men Swimwear Swimsuits Solid Basic Long Swim Boxer Trunks Board Shorts (S,Blue)

Men’s Short Swim Trunks Best Board Shorts for Sports Running Swimming Beach Surfing Quick Dry Breathable Mesh Lining(Flamingo,US S (Fit Waist 30.5″-32″,Tag L))

Best Board Shorts for Mens Physique Reviews

1. Maui Rippers Camo Board Shorts

Camo is one of the few patterns that will never go out of style, especially as there are many variations of the print. The Maui Rippers Camo Board Shorts have an abundance of fantastic features and design elements to make you stand out. They’re also quite comfortable when worn in and out of the water.


  • Microfiber Twill Material

Our favorite feature of these board shorts is the material they are made out of. The microfiber twill is very comfortable against the skin and helps to stop irritation. You’ll find that they’re great for wearing on a daily basis as well as while swimming.

  • Machine Washable

It’s likely you don’t have time to handwash all of your clothes, which is why we love how these shorts are machine washable. You can also dry them in the dryer if you’re strapped for time.

  • Adjustable Drawstring

To achieve a far more customized fit, be sure to use the adjustable drawstring. The tie-up closure helps to secure the shorts around your waist. There is also a Lycra fly for extra support if you’re careening through choppy water.

  • Reinforced Waistband

When you invest in a pair of board shorts, you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. The Maui Rippers Camo Board Shorts have a reinforced waistband that is designed to withstand months of daily wear. These shorts are built with impeccable attention to detail.

  • Fast Drying

With the innovative microfiber twill material, you’ll easily be able to transition from the water to land without waiting a long time to dry off. The fast drying material is one of the more convenient features of the shorts.


  • check
    Fall just below the knees
  • check
    Modern and clean design
  • check
    Comfortable fly and drawstring


  • Sizing may be difficult
  • Thin material

2. Taddlee Solid Board Shorts

If you’re not someone who is looking for loud and exuberant designs on your swimwear, these are the board shorts for you. With a relatively basic design, they are a great option for impromptu trips to the beach. Additionally, if you like shorter board shorts, you’ll love the length of the Taddlee Solid Board Shorts.


  • Nylon and Spandex Material

There aren’t any special materials used to make these board shorts, which adds to their convenience. With the combination of nylon and spandex, you will have the flexibility you’d expect from a high-end pair of board shorts. Instead of feeling restricted, the fabric will move with you.

  • Fade Resistant

The high-quality color fasting process that went into creating these shorts is quite impressive. Over time, you won’t notice any fading of the original color of the shorts.

  • Machine Washable

To help you save time before you head off to the beach the next day, you can throw these shorts in the washing machine and dryer. They are specifically designed to prevent shrinking in the wash.

  • Drawstring Closure

The drawstring closure on the front of the shorts helps to secure them to your body when you’re swimming. You’ll no longer need to worry about losing your shorts while swimming or playing water sports.

  • Short Length

By far the most noticeable feature of these shorts is the fact that they are much shorter than most other board shorts. This is what makes them perfect for a guy who wants to show off all of his best features. With the right size, you will look and feel your best.


  • check
    Fit comfortably when sized properly
  • check
    Very flexible material
  • check
    Comfortable for lounging
  • check
    Soft inner lining


  • Sizing is difficult
  • Don’t offer a lot of support

3. WENER Short Board Shorts

Compared to more modern pairs of board shorts, the WENER Short Board Shorts have a more traditional design. As a pair of shorts that is the perfect cross between swimming trunks and board shorts, they’re a great option for guys looking for comfort. With a highly adaptable design that looks great on wearers of every age, these board shorts are a great option.


  • Elasticized Waistband

Most board shorts don’t have an elastic waistband, which is why we love how these do. Designed to feel incredibly comfortable around your waist or hips, you won’t have to worry about chafing or shorts that are too tight. It also helps to make choosing the right size simpler.

  • Multiple Pockets

If you’re heading to the beach and need to bring some belongings with you, you’ll be glad to know these shorts have enough pockets. You’ll have two side pockets and there is a third rear pocket as well.

  • Mesh Lining

On the inside of the shorts, there will be a mesh lining that adds a little extra support. It also helps to make the shorts far more breathable, so you can wear them on the hottest days of summer without excessively sweating.

  • Quick Drying Fabric

Not only is the fabric used to make the WENER Short Board Shorts lightweight, but it also dries incredibly quickly. This is ideal for the type of guy that wants an easy pair of shorts to wear absolutely anywhere.


  • check
    Very comfortable
  • check
    Simple design
  • check
    Fashionably versatile


  • Don’t stretch
  • Run slightly small
  • Inner lining may unravel

The Verdict

Overall, our pick for the best board ​​shorts for men's physique for men's physique is surely the Maui Rippers Camo Board Shorts. It has the perfect length for men of all heights and also gives you plenty of customization when adjusting the waistband. The combination of the Lycra fly and the drawstring keeps the shorts on your body without feeling uncomfortable.

Its quality and durability are two other points to consider, as these shorts are clearly designed to last a very long time. If you need something fashionable that will become your most worn pair of board shorts, the Maui Rippers is surely the one to choose.