Best Board Shorts for CrossFit: Quality and Comfort in One

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As someone who enjoys working out, you should consider the best board shorts for Cross Fit. Compared to regular workout gear, board shorts are designed to keep you cool and comfortable for the duration of your workout. With plenty of great features to help you get the most out of your routine, these three shorts will quickly become your favorite items.

Best Board Shorts For CrossFit
Comparison Chart

WOD Shorts Agility 2.0 (Black/Black, 32)

Anthem Athletics RESILIENCE MMA Shorts – Army & Black – 34″

Quality MMA Shorts – Blank No Logo (38, Army Green)

Best Board Shorts For CrossFit Reviews

1. Epic MMA Gear Agility 2.0 Shorts

The main thing to consider when shopping for CrossFit shorts is that you need a pair that does everything for you. Many guys find they don’t need the latest designs and fabrics to be comfortable. The Epic MMA Gear Agility 2.0 Shorts is a perfect example of basic workout shorts that is designed for everyone.


  • Blank Design

There’s nothing better than a basic pair of CrossFit shorts that doesn’t have any loud prints or bold company logos. These shorts are entirely blank, all that you can choose from are seven colors.

  • Four-Way Stretch

The fabric used to construct the Epic MMA Gear Agility 2.0 Shorts is similar to the fabric you’d find in most other workout gear. It features four-way stretch, which means no matter how your body moves, the shorts are designed to move with you. You won’t have to worry about feeling restricted or not having a full range of motion.

  • Double Velcro Closure

For added support and comfort, the closure on the front of the shorts is double Velcro. This is far more preferable than zippers, as you won’t have to worry about metal pressing against your body while working out.

  • Drawstring Closure

In addition to the double Velcro closure, there is also an internal drawstring sewn into the shorts. You’ll be able to finely adjust the shorts so that they fit your body perfectly, even as they become leaner and more defined.

  • Triple Stitching

CrossFit is easily one of the most strenuous workouts you can go through and you’ll need shorts that can adapt to the high intensity of the training. The Epic MMA Gear Agility 2.0 Shorts has triple stitching at every seam, so you won’t ever have to worry about ripping your shorts in the middle of the gym.


  • check
    Moisture-wicking material
  • check
    No liner
  • check
  • check
    Very strong stitching


  • Difficult to tighten
  • Waistband sits too high

2. Anthem Athletics Resilience Shorts

At first glance, the Anthem Athletics Resilience Shorts is exactly what you’d expect a pair of CrossFit shorts to look like. In fact, they are highly recommended for people who train MMA, WOD, and other fighting sports. There’s plenty to appreciate about their design and their overall construction.


  • Impressive Color Selection

If you’re someone who has a particular style that they adhere to with their workout equipment, these shorts are great. There are 30 different colors and patterns for you to choose from in order to find the perfect pair of training shorts for your style.

  • Tear-Resistant

The specialized fabric used to construct the shorts is entirely tear-resistant, which is what makes them one of the best options for CrossFit. You’ll easily be able to wear these shorts regularly without worrying about ripping the material.

  • Fast Drying Material

In addition to being tear-resistant, the shorts dry incredibly quickly. This is quite important for men who sweat a lot while working out, as it won’t feel like you’re wearing wet shorts the entire time.

  • Sublimation Printed

The logo and graphics on the shorts are printed using a special process known as sublimation. As they are not print screened or ironed on, the graphics will never peel or crack, no matter how often you wear the shorts.

  • Velcro and Drawstring Waistband

As a part of the non-chafing front of the shorts, there is a two-fold Velcro closure. There is also a drawstring to help you get the tightest possible fit for optimal comfort.

  • Four-Way Stretch

As mentioned, most workout shorts will feature four-way stretch and the Anthem Athletics Resilience Shorts is no different. As you train, the shorts will easily adapt to every movement.


  • check
    Perfectly secure double closure
  • check
    Closure doesn’t chafe
  • check
    Quality similar to high-end brands


  • Need to be sized up
  • The material clings to legs

3. Epic MMA Gear Quality MMA Shorts

The Epic MMA Gear Quality MMA Shorts has an incredible design that is very versatile. You can easily wear these shorts to the gym or you can wear them for running errands. They’re also incredibly comfortable for lounging around the house.


  • Blank Design

As another pair of shorts on this list with a blank design, these shorts are ideal for everyday wear. They’ll also fit seamlessly into your existing workout wardrobe, especially if you’re not too keen on large logos and graphics.

  • Double Velcro and Drawstring Closure

For enhanced comfort and security, you’ll appreciate the double Velcro and drawstring closure on the front of the shorts. These two features are highly recommended to get a more customized fit for high impact exercises.

  • Built-in Venting Slits

On the sides of the shorts, there are two four-inch slits. These are not only designed to help give you better mobility but to also assist with breathability. Instead of sweating profusely through heavy material, these shorts will dry quickly and feel comfortable against the skin.

  • Triple Stitching

In all of the high-stress areas of the shorts, you’ll notice there are triple stitches. This helps to preserve the integrity of the shorts so that they don’t fall apart after a couple of wears. Additionally, they will hold up great in the washing machine and dryer.

  • Hidden Pocket

If you’re someone who likes to keep your phone on you or if you require a mouth guard, you’ll appreciate how these shorts have a hidden pocket. You’ll easily and safely be able to store your valuables while at the gym.


  • check
    Easy to custom fit
  • check
    Fabric feels high-quality
  • check
    Offer a full range of motion
  • check
    Extremely breathable and lightweight


  • Have a satin sheen
  • Side slits could be higher
  • Rubber waistband gets uncomfortable

The Verdict

The most important feature of the best board shorts for Cross Fit is that they are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. With that said, the Anthem Athletics Resilience Shorts isan extremely comfortable and durable pair of shorts to choose. It is constructed using high-quality materials and is surely designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear.