Best Board Shorts for Big Guys A Closer Look

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Shopping for swimming trunks can be a hassle for bigger guys. You’ll not only need a pair that feel and look great but a pair that also comes in a size that is comfortable and adjustable. If you’re looking for the best board shorts for big guys, here are three trendy and stress-free pairs to choose from.

Best Board Shorts for Big Guys
Comparison Chart

COLO Men’s Quick Dry Swim Trunks Cargo Water Shorts Beach Surfing Board Shorts with Mesh Lining 2XL

ATTRACO Men’s Leaves Printing Quick Dry Beach Board Shorts Swim Trunks Plus Size 36

Belovecol Men’s Summer Swim Trunks Smoke Colorful Beach Shorts Quick Dry Bathing Suits XXL

Best Board Shorts
For Big Guys Reviews

1. COLO Men’s Quick-Dry Swim Trunks

It’s likely you’re going to wear your board shorts in and out of the water, which is why you’ll want a quick-dry material. The COLO Men’s Quick-Dry Swim Trunks give you the comfort you’d expect from an everyday pair of shorts with a more elevated flair. They also have everything you’d expect from a quality pair of board shorts.


Elastic Waist and Drawstring

Not only can you choose from sizes ranging from small to XX large, but you’ll also be able to create a personalized fit with the elastic waist and drawstring. You can easily adjust the waist so that it is tighter or looser, depending on what activity you’re doing. This also makes the shorts more comfortable to pair with different shirts or no shirt at all.

4-Way Stretch

The fabric used to construct the shorts offers a four-way stretch, also known as an athletic stretch. This will give you flexibility, comfort, and support all at the same time. It also means that you can wear these shorts while walking, hiking, swimming, or working out.

UPF 50+

To help block the majority of the sun you encounter while outdoors, the shorts offer UPF 50+ to stop ultraviolet rays.

Quick-Dry Fabric

You’ll be impressed with how quickly these shorts dry after you are out of the water. You won’t have to wait around when going from the water to your car.

Easy to Wash

The shorts are designed to withstand both fresh and saltwater. In addition, you can easily toss them in the washing machine and dry them without any shrinkage.

Mesh Lining

The mesh lining in the shorts helps to improve the drying time but also makes the shorts more breathable. Additionally, it prevents ballooning when you are underwater.


  • check
    Features three pockets
  • check
    Material is comfortable
  • check
    Prevents chafing
  • check
    Look great when worn


  • Sizing may be difficult
  • Not recommended for size 42+ waists

2. ATTRACO Men’s Swim Trunks

The ATTRACO Men’s Swim Trunks are great for outdoor excursions and swimming. With eight different colors and prints to choose from, you can easily find the right pair to fit your style. They have many of the same features you’d find in the best board shorts for bigger guys.


100% Polyester

Polyester is a very popular fabric with swim shorts because it is lightweight, breathable, and dries quickly. These shorts are constructed out of pure polyester, which is ideal for something you might want to wear daily.

Moisture Wicking

If you’re simply wearing the shorts to the beach, you’ll love the moisture-wicking traits of the fabric. It helps to keep sweat away from your body so that you feel cool and dry throughout the day.

Exclusive Stretch

According to the manufacturer, the material used to make the ATTRACO Men’s Swim Trunks is an exclusive stretch fabric. When moving, the fabric will work with your body so you have the optimal amount of flexibility.

No Mesh Lining

If you’re someone who isn’t a fan of mesh lining, you’ll be glad to know that these shorts don’t have any.

Elastic Waist and Drawstring

For an even more customized fit, be sure to use the drawstring for any minor adjustments. The elastic waist is also far more comfortable than shorts that don’t have any give in the waist.

Three Pockets

There are three different pockets on the ATTRACO Men’s Swim Trunks for you to use. Two are on the sides of the shorts and are made of mesh and the third is on the back.


  • check
    The waistband is stretchy and comfortable
  • check
    Comfortable for bigger waists
  • check
    The material is slightly soft
  • check
    More comfortable without the mesh lining


  • Cannot be machine washed and dried
  • Not recommended for saltwater

3. Belovecol Men’s Swim Trunks

Compared to the other two pairs of trunks on this list, the Belovecol Men’s Swim Trunks have the largest selection of patterns and colors. You’ll surely be able to find the perfect design for any occasion. In addition, they’re easy to maintain and launder so you’ll always have board shorts that are ready to be worn


100% Polyester

The polyester used to create these shorts is soft, comfortable, yet still breathable. You’ll appreciate how lightweight the fabric is and how it dries very quickly compared to cotton. In addition, it’s a great choice for people with sensitive skin and who are prone to chafing.

Easy Laundering

You’ll be able to put these shorts in the washing machine and dryer at the end of the day. This is far more convenient than having to hand wash them, though you can if you desire.

Elastic Waist and Drawstring

Even after using the sizing guide to find the right size shorts, you can make them even more comfortable with the help of the drawstring. The elastic waist is also comfortable and adapts to your body shape.

Mesh Lining

As with most board shorts, the Belovecol Men’s Swim Trunks have a mesh lining. It’s ideal for preventing the fabric from sticking from static and while wet. The mesh also makes it easier to submerge in the water without your shorts ballooning.

Two Side Pockets

The two pockets on the side of the shorts are fully expandable so that you can fit larger valuables, such as your phone, in the pockets.


  • check
    The mesh is very soft
  • check
    Very lightweight and breathable
  • check
    Dry incredibly quickly
  • check
    Multiple sizes to choose from


  • Graphics are poorly printed
  • Not wrinkle free

The Verdict

Our choice for the best board shorts for big guys is the Belovecol Men’s Swim Trunks. Out of the other two pairs, you’ll find that these shorts come in multiple sizes for various body types (up to XXX large). In addition, the graphics are quite interesting and there are plenty to choose from.

If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of board shorts to wear for various outdoor activities, these are the best to choose. The polyester is lightweight, breathable, and easy to swim in. They also dry very quickly and can be put in the washing machine and dryer.

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