AFTCO Board Shorts Review

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This AFTCO Board Shorts review will focus specifically on their Pivot Fishing Board Shorts design.

AFTCO Pivot Boardshorts - Black - 40

At first glance, these board shorts look very similar to casual hybrid board shorts rather than traditional fishing shorts.

But don’t let the casual looks fool you, these board shorts can handle all of the wear-and-tear that goes with a day of fishing out on the water.

AFTCO Pivot Boardshorts - Navy Heather - 36

These board shorts feature stain-release, stretchable fabric with a reinforced pliers pocket. Not only that, their fabric is quick-drying with moisture-wicking technology.

The one drawback is that there is no UPF sun protection rating on these shorts, which is a necessity when you’re spending the whole day by the shore.

In my review of the AFTCO Pivot Fishing Board Shorts, I will take a closer look at their features and pros and cons to help you decide if these board shorts would be a helpful addition to your fishing lifestyle.

AFTCO Board Shorts

AFTCO, or the American (formerly Axelson) Fishing Tackle Company, is a family-owned and operated company that was founded in 1958. They started their apparel division in 1989, so they know what a fisherman needs in a board short.

They now produce all types of fishing apparel from tactical fishing shorts to technical hoodies to neck gators.

AFTCO Reaper Technical Fleece Hoodie - Charcoal Heather - Large

The Pivot Fishing Board Shorts feature everything an angler needs for their saltwater surroundings.

Your fishing shorts need to be durable enough to withstand some fish guts as well as carry any fishing tackle that you might need.

These board shorts feature AFGUARD stain release fabric and a cordura lined pliers pocket that makes them a durable fishing short and a nice addition to your fishing gear.

What else do these Pivot Fishing Board Shorts feature? Let’s take a look.

Features of the AFTCO Pivot Board Shorts

Here are all of the important features of the AFTCO Pivot Board Shorts.

  • 21″ Outseam/ 10″ Inseam

If you’re familiar with board shorts you know that a 21-inch outseam is pretty long, as well as a 10″ inseam. The importance of this being that you’ll get some nice sun coverage.

  • AFLEX 4-way stretch, 88% Polyester/ 12% Elastane fabric.

Always look for Elastane in the material of your board shorts. This will ensure that they are very stretchable. Pure polyester shorts will rip if they are stretched in the wrong direction.

  • AFGUARD stain release technology that helps repel stains.

The patented AFGUARD stain release fabric helps protect against accidents such as fish blood and guts.

  • Block Tapey Fastener

A block tapey fastener is basically a new fastening system that uses little plastic snaps that fasten together similar to velcro. The idea is that they will fasten together stronger than velcro.

Aftco Youth Reaper Technical Sweatshirt (Large, Gray Heather)
  • Quick-dry moisture-wicking technology

The fabric features AFCOOL moisture-wicking technology that wicks away surface moisture to expedite the drying process of your shorts.

  • A cordura-lined pliers pocket

What is cordura? Cordura is a durable and resistant fabric that’s resistant to scuffs and tears. Think of a heavy nylon or canvas luggage bag.

AFTCO Pivot Boardshorts - Black - 40

Pros and Cons


  • There’s plenty of pockets, two hand pockets, one pliers pocket, and a zippered back pocket.
  • Very stretchable and durable fabric.
  • Stain release fabric that’s essential for fishing.
  • They don’t look like your traditional pair of fishing shorts with tons of obnoxious visible pockets.


  • No UPF rating.
  • Only comes in two colors, Black and Navy Heather.
  • No elastic waistband if you need some extra room.
AFTCO Pivot Boardshorts - Black - 40


If you’re looking for an alternative, here’s my review of the best men’s fishing board shorts.

Of those options, I would personally recommend the HUK Men’s Fishing Board Shorts.

The HUK Mossy Oak Freeman board short also offers UPF 30+ sun protection, something that the AFTCO Pivot board shorts do not.

HUK also offers a more traditional fishing short that is very popular that offers tons of pocket storage along with UPF 30+ sun protection.  Their Next Level fishing shorts have a lot of great features for fishing.

Final Verdict

The AFTCO Men’s Pivot Fishing Board Shorts has a lot of great features if you’re looking for a pair of comfy and stylish shorts for fishing.

The main selling point for me is the stain-release fabric along with the reinforced pliers pocket. These shorts are made for fishing and those are two features that you need that regular board shorts don’t have.

Their casual look reminds me of hybrid board shorts and I’m a fan of that versatile style.

The two things that I wish these board shorts had were more color options and some type of stated UPF sun protection.

Even without those things I still think they’re a nice pair of fishing shorts that you can wear in and out of the water.